I live just outside Brisbane in Australia, and my original dealer was in Brisbane but the parent company is in a town the opposite side of Brisbane to where I live. I was told by the owner of the parent company (when I bought my keyboard) that he shut down the Brisbane dealership because it was making massive losses. Still, the timing of it seems significant - he closed the Brisbane dealership less than a month before the KN7000's were due in, and Technics was the main selling line of that shop.

Downloading files one at a time from the KN7000 site is a bit of a nuisance, but I'm not complaining as I'm just glad to be able to get them. However, once downloaded I transfer them en masse to my SD card using the SD card reader attached to my PC. I just copied them all into the private \ technics \ kn7000 \ custom directory. I'm hoping that anyone with the new SD card and an SD card reader will be able to extract the new styles quite easily, and preferably zip them into a single file.