Ye gads, Mike, where is your dealer located??? Do you have any idea why the dealer was closed by the parent company? And yes, it would be great if someone could prepare a ZIP file of the new SD styles for download. Also the styles from the 6000/6500 are available on the 7000 site but how does one download them quickly, or do I have to download them one at a time????? Again a ZIP file would be great!!!!

Originally posted by Mike Daniell:
If they are not the same as those on the kn7000 site then I have a suggestion. First of all, I should give you a sob story. The dealer I order my kn7000 from was shut down by their parent company. The parent company very gladly took my money for the kn7000, but now do not return phone calls about this SD card. As they are about 2 hours drive away I'm not going to drop in on them.

So, if the styles on this SD card are supposed to be issued free to kn7000 owners, and since these are just styles, can someone zip them up into a file and make them available?