It would seem that depending in which part of the planet you live, different 'Freebies' are being supplied with the KN7000.

In UK, the KN7000 comes with an SD card interface module, which allows direct connection to the USB port on a PC. This module allows you to back-up and restore the SD card data directly to PC, using the 'Song Manager' software supplied with the KN7000. Also included, is a software package called 'SD Jukebox'.

We now learn that in the USA and Australia, that instead of the SD card reader package, purchasers are being supplied with an extra SD memory card, with new styles already stored on it.
The EW-xx series 'Cards' are really small plug-in modules, which fit inside the KN7000, via a removeable panel on the underside of the KN7000 - just like the KN6xxx. As far as I am aware, EW-01, EW-02 and EW-03 are now available and EW-04 is about to be released. I doubt if an dealer will supply them as 'Freebies'


After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is Music.
Aldous Huxley
( especially when the music is played on a KN7000....)