Originally posted by Ted Rose:
I'm confused. My dealer says he knows nothing about a FREE SD card. Do you refer to the new EW-03 and EW-04 cards? If so, I believe they are free (or included in the 7000 package in the UK) but not in the USA. Pleae clarify for us. Thanks.

Hi Ted if I may clarify this thread. Following the purchase of my KN7000
My dealer sent me an 8mb SD Card which contained a total of 80 new styles which loaded into the Custom Rhythm section
these styles use about 39% of the useable memory on the card Thereby allowing a considerable additional amount of files to be saved. The card was free gratis and for nothing and I presume other KN7000 owners in Australia where I live have had the same bonus.

It has nothing to do with the EWo3 or Ewo4 which are expansion cards for the KN7000 which when installed expand the sound capacity of the Keyboard. In any event I doubt that the expansion cards would be free anywhere as I have bought them here and they cost me even when discounted $700 Aust dollars
Hope this clarifies things for you
Tom Cornish