maybe if all the users of Thomas's program contributed a little something, Thomas could get closer to actually being able to get himself a kn7000.

best wishes

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Hi Larry,

Yes the print has been changed from the initial version (presumably to fit more on a page) and is now quite small. However, you now have the capability to save the details as a text file. You can then open it in your favourite word processor and reformat, change font type and size, add your own personalised comments etc before printing. Thomas has taken all the hard work out of it. For the rest of us this is the easy part.
I see that V 1.0.77 is now available. I haven't yet found any significant differences
from V 1.0.74.
I also feel a donation is appropriate. Perhaps Thomas could provide details of the best way to acheive this.

Len C.
best wishes
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