When I was a little tike I remember I had a big white teddy bear. I called him Snuffy. Why, I donít know. This I do know, when I had a very big little kidís problem me and Snuffy would talk it over when I went to bed. In a bit I would fall asleep with Snuffy at my side, knowing everything would be OK. Now I am older with many, many years behind me. When I see your name I get that same kind of feeling. I have made my choice of keyboard and everything will be OK when I see that name. Too bad owners of other keyboards can not have access to that kind of comfort and expertise. I have a hard time waiting for your new book but on the other hand I can sleep well, knowing soon every thing will be OK and the understanding my new KN will blossom fully. Yes break out in beauty just as the coming spring time will trigger new life in Old Grandpa so will your new book trigger new understanding of my KN and much added enjoyment in itís use.

Grandpa Doug
Grampa Doug