Thank all for Help me to make this Tool.

I will answer some Question:

Yes, i don't have an KN7000 ;(
but i plan to buy it, if i have enough

I have an KN5000 and an KN6000
but its hard here to forsale it because
i have put much money in the KN6000
like Harddisk, SY-EW01NX and and ...

I will work hard to make the Copy to SD
Function...but i must find a good easy way
to make it Error-Free.
In Future comes:

- Copy/Move DISK2SD
- Copy/Move HD2SD
- Copy/Move SD2SD

Step by Step...

From now, please get the Updates
from my Site, i have no more Time
to send the Updates via EMail,
i will make the Copy-Functions ready
for work, so i will spend my Time to
this Functions, sorry for this.

If you have any Idea for the SD-Tool,
please write me in clearly word, German's
please in German

Ok, thats all for Today.. and new Update
V 1.0.61 is online, with some Bugfixes.


Why i write this Software ?
i like to make Software for Technics
Keyboards because i'm a really Technics-Fan,
and spend all my Freetime to this Keyboards