I know I asked this before, but I'll try again.

1. If you want to save a Technics formated file from a disk to the SD Card, you must first load the song from the disk to the sequencer, then save it as a Technics Format to the SD Card... YES or NO

2. After saving that Technics file from a disk to the SD Card, you can not play it directly through the SD Console using the play button next to the SD slot, because only SD-SOUND (SMF) and SD -AUDIO are capable of this. Technics Formats on the SD Card only load to the Sequencer and play through the Sequencer...YES or NO

3. If you want to save midi files from a disk to the SD Card, you must save as a SD-SOUND (SMF) FORMAT. After saving to the card, you can then play these midi files directly using the SD Console ...YES OR NO

Do I have all the facts right ?....
Only certain type of files play through the SD Console (SD-Sound and SD Audio) and NOT Technics Format files ?

Thanks to this forum, I have learned much more than the rather weak instructional manual supplied by Technics.

I want Alec's Book
I need Alec's Book

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