It’s always the portamento or filter sweeps that tend to expose arranger synth sounds.

One little tip about matching EQ’s on Roland’s is, no matter where you set the Mastering Tools, the audio player bypasses everything. So you can load in a .wav or high bitrate MP3 of a target recording you are intimately familiar with, then switch back and forth between that and the sound or mix you are working on until you’ve tweaked your stuff to match.

This also gives you the advantage of the same d/a converters for both sounds, taking away one more variable.

It’s also really handy for sound check time at live gigs, allowing you to set your PA for best venue EQ, then adjust the Mastering Tools depending on whether you want a bit more or less compression for the gig (I tend to find super quiet gigs benefit from a bit more compression on styles and SMF’s).
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!