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Personally, I wouldn’t render to a .Wav file until the very last step. It’s far easier to correct mistakes while you are still dealing with the MIDI, and fine tune and edit everything….

I have to ask, why do you want to move away from a nice huge display and a sequencer that won’t drive you crazy endlessly paging through different screens trying to find basic functions?! 🤪

The truth is, if you felt like a DAW was too difficult, you are going to be in for a shock when you try to use an arranger’s sequencer!

I am pretty good at performing real time so I can certainly record only the final performance (with some overlays).

I got the SX900 to get away from the screen/mouse and be more intuitive and spontaneous when compositing. I have owned many synthesizers in the past but they would always require some interaction with DAW which I am trying to get away from (I also work in front on the computer).

I am fluent with DAW/VST but it's not the same. Synth sounds are top notch but for more natural sounds the big libraries are a turn off for me. The SX900 sounds are mostly good with a few disappointments on the synth side (still not bad).

Maybe I should have gotten the PA1000 instead as the sequencer seems more capable and sound editing a bit more advanced.

I hope the SX900 may still be able to deliver but it's really hard to find anyone that really knows it well enough to confirm.

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