Hello! First time poster and happy to be here.

I have just acquired a PSR-SX900 to find out how it could help me create original music.

Previously I would typically make my tracks via DAW + VST/Hardware. This setup is powerful but has some limitations I was hoping to alleviate with an arranger.

I have made attempts with other arrangers (PSR-E453, Casio CT-X5000). The workflow was OK but sounds were not always excellent and some missing features made it frustrating.

Now with the PSR, obviously sounds are all quite good compared to what's available in the VST world.

But for creating music, this is where there is a workflow challenge.

The midi recorder is ok but not very good to get a scratchpad song model unless you record an entire performance on the fly. You cannot move whole sections of the song around and step editor seems more like fixing minor errors.

So the easiest way to assemble musical building blocks is via the style creator which would then be recorded as a final performance in the midi recorder as such:

>sounds > style creator > midi recorder (final performance) > export to WAV

The syle creator is actually very good but there are a few challenges (many clicks, cannot copy an entire block, only instruments one by one etc with the assembly function).

I have tried to find music of actual artists (not OMB) using these machines but there are too few. Youtube has a few good demos and lots of canned music which does not do justice to the sound capabilities either (mostly amateur users imo).

I am looking at replacing this unit for a MODX which has USB audio that I might be able to integrate with my DAW but would really like to give my PSR a chance (especially with the great sounds it has).

Any suggestions welcome.


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