Sorry, but if you want to create original music using an arranger, you will end up biting the bullet and combine the arranger with a DAW. Looks like you are already pretty familiar with a DAW and VSTi’s, so it’s not like you have to learn all that from scratch….

Bottom line, no, there isn’t a single sequencer in an arranger with a fraction of the power and ease of use of a DAW, and trying to do everything using a tiny low res touch screen will soon drive you mad even if the sequencer COULD do most of the even basic things we all take for granted on a DAW.

Arrangers make for very quick scratch pads for creating the initial song ideas, but fine tuning and replacement of less than stellar sounds with higher quality VSTi’s like piano libraries, drum libraries etc. is always needed if you wish to deliver top studio level production.

Plus, modern music (if you are thinking of composing contemporary music) isn’t really well suited to arranger chord recognition type production. It’s based around arpeggiators and clip/loop triggering, which gives a VERY different end result than arranger output, which is more intended to replicate older music.

But an arranger for its strengths combined with a DAW/VSTi for their strengths, that’s a powerful combo…
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!