Hey thanks for your great comments. Very useful.

I have come to terms with what this can and cannot do and it's actually awesome.

The styles and sounds need a lot of customizing/layering obviously.
I will try chaining various custom styles and registrations to see how it can widen the possibilities.

Pairing it with another synth or importing audio is another cool way to bring it out imo.

I was a bit bummed out about the synth patches having limited modulation but it's all good giving a great 80-90's vibe that is hard to find elsewhere. Synth patches are crisp and layering sounds manually is great (think unison).

The PSR imo is more akin to a "modern" Farlight with hi def samples having few but meaningful modulation features and some midi magic. I can see the creation potential.

I found this video that captures some of what I think is interesting:

Youtube Terminator demo

I really like the EQ on this video I hope it can be done straight out of the PSR-SX but a DAW may be needed for final mastering.

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