Welcome back !! Made my day to see your return clap
OK here's your first question, a bit long. I too love my 2 BK9's and Bk7m.
On my BK9 I have a main Preforamce list of 82 Styles, most with OT settings so a Style can be used for multiple songs.
I would like for:
ALL the Styles to share the same settings of :
Arranger Settings - Zone / Whole Type / Standard
D beam buttons to all be Sound EFX / Applause and Control / ABass Acc )n-Off
Global - Preformance Hold settings of D Beam / On and Arr. Type / On
Turn on the BK9 and check the settings and some are still wrong. I have gone thru all 82 Styles and written the settings I want but there are still changes. HELP !

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