All styles already follow the Performance settings. All Save as Default does is ensure they are loaded when you first switch on. You could as easily (well, almost as easily!) simply select the first Performance in a Performance List and write it to have everything the way you like.

Roland’s don’t really load anything when you select a style, unless you switch on the OTS. The style simply slots into the current Performance. About the only thing you have to manually set up is whether the Tempo is set to Preset or Auto in the Menu>Performance Edit>Arranger Settings>Tempo. For some weird reason this won’t store.

I generally set it to Auto, which selects the style’s default tempo if selected while stopped, and keeps the current tempo if the style is selected while playing. For me that’s mostly what I’d need.

But if you need a specific tempo when loading a style that’s different from the ROM style, that’s where you need to load in a Performance using that style with the tempo set where you want it. You CAN edit a style’s default tempo, but you can’t store that edit back to the ROM slot. Mind you, if you are selecting your styles from a folder on the stick, yes, you can use the Common page in the Makeup Tools to set the style’s default tempo.

All in all, if you are still playing ‘old school’ and selecting your sounds and styles on the fly, I’m afraid the modern generation of arrangers are too complex to easily do that. Sure back in the day of a hundred or so sounds and a few dozen styles, no complex effects and basic arranger control, we used to be able to do that. Now we have thousands of sounds, hundreds if not thousands of styles and sequences, hundreds of effect settings split over eight or more different processors..! It’s overwhelming.

But calling ONE Performance up per song (or even using adjacent Performances for Verse, Bridge, Solo etc.) allows you to set the stuff up in advance, then come time to perform, there’s no hunting around for each thing, make one selection and done! I want to concentrate on my audience and simply playing. The rest is a waste of time IF you can do it in advance...

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