I must confess, I tend to use the Performance List on a song by song basis. Even if two songs share basically the same everything, I use a different Perf. for both. Later, if I decide one could use something the other doesn’t need, I don’t have to remember what songs all use the same Perf.

This gives me two advantages... my song list is in alphabetical order, and each song can have everything just the way I want it.

About the only thing I use the Performance Hold on is Arranger Mode, which I only ever set to Pianist2. And I still have to remember to reset it if I use the Organ Mode (it sets it to Standard no matter if hold is on). Fortunately, hit Piano Mode when done with Organ Mode and it switches back to Pianist2.

I’ll do a bit of messing around and see if I can come up with a way to lock all your preferred settings, but I have a feeling some of them can’t be done. About the only easy way I can think of doing it is simply to make a Template Performance with all your favorite settings dialed in, then just START with it every time you make a new Performance. Save under a new name every time and your Template stays the same...

Hope this helps (a bit!)

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