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I bet everyones heard the phrase "Sex Sells" so why the surprise. Its all showmanship in a difdferent way. Is Classical music off limits ? The girl can play so like someone said so could Liberace but what got him famous was his over the top showmanship.
I wish I had a hot female vocalist to work with. Opens many doors.

This will upset some people but it still needs to be said . That’s the problem right there . It objectifies women . Sex sells is not a surprise . The “hot female vocalist “ you would love to have has just become an object to use to open doors for you . Not her talent , not her intelligence ,not her innate value as a person . Her sexuality and erotic provocativeness is the head turner-and that has nothing to do with showmanship .

I am not a feminist by any means , but I have women I respect and love that I work with , or that are in my family and I am a father of a self confident and self respecting daughter, so I am curious , if it would be ok for you to think about your daughters , wives and sisters selling their sexuality to open doors for you for your economic gain ? There is a name for that in my country and yours and it’s not a pleasant name .....

But it’s 2019 . ....maybe it does not have the same connotations today ?

Your statement would only be true if the women (Or other) was forced to dress sexually to achieve another person’s requirements, however in most cases it is the women’s choice of what she wears so unless you are one of those that try and deny women there freedom to do and wear what they want, then as I mentioned the statement is false. (I also suggest you get out over the weekend to the clubs and bars that youngsters (And older) frequent as you will see that this type of dressing is FREELY chosen by most of the women)
BTW: This is how it has been for decades, not just 2019.

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