As far as her appearance, I'm on the fence about that. I mean like it doesn't even border on SOFT porn. Just a very sensual video. I fault the videographer for the way he put it together. What was the point in showing her legs and feet (unless you're mimicking Quentin Tarantino with his foot fetish)? The video becomes a caricature as he tried too hard to put the whole thing over with sexual overtones. As for me, I'm somewhat of a purist....don't even want to see scenes like that in a movie!

There is more to this video than what has already been discussed. She triggered a thought in me that I've known for years, but often forget to do....PLAY WITH EMOTION. By coincidence I did that at the hospital where I play. It's boring just sitting there playing songs. One day last week, I decided to extricate myself from the boredom by PLAYING WITH EMOTION. There was such a difference in my sound that the receptionist, after my session, remarked that I "sounded extremely good today."

Using emotion to quickly learn or enhance anything is a principle used by motivational practitioners.
Example: if you want to learn a foreign language, don't just mindlessly go through the words. Say things like "thats'a sommmmme a meat-a-ball" and color the words.

But back to the video. Something else. Concert pianists sit upright (as in the movie Green Book). She's leaning forward. And...I'm noticing throughout the video that both sides of her hand go up and down on her "runs." That's rather unconventional for a concert pianist.

The sound doesn't match her playing when she hits each note. And the overall sound is a little TOO perfect, almost like it was done on a sequencer.

I still think she's the real thing but..does anyone else think the video was an editing feat of great magnificence?