This is latchy doley

He’s a hell of a fine musician but he could work on his sexual provocativeness . Perhaps he was wearing too much clothing ?

I could not find one clip of him half naked though and I got frightened searching for anything . got to dangerous searching the internet for “sexy male organ players “ 😂.

Imagine how much money and success those dueling pianist would have made if they had got a whole stable of hot girls for people to be entertained by ?

Oh wait there is a name for that .... the same name I referred to earlier . Now imagine those hot girls as your sisters , your wives ...🤔

If you name all the great male piano players in history , how many of them used a hot woman to prop up their lack of commercial success ?

Now think of all the great female piano players , how many used a hot man to prop up their success . One group is being disproportionately exploited . Which one ...for the life of me I can’t work this one out ....

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