Tony perhaps it is because of what Bill says it was! I have no intention to call Bill the Bop a liar or to put words into his mouth or to make up a reason for his discontent of what he has other than what he has stated in his post.

I also do not know the reason he is so intent on posting his story of switching to Yamaha on a Technics Forum for Technics users and their pleasure. I also do not know the reason Mr. Bebop was trying to glean members for his Tyros newsletter and e-mail propaganda among us. I also wonder why he started a Yamaha forum as very few ever post there with much to say. I have a very good idea of why but will not post it for the simple reason I cannot prove it. If Bill the bebop would go and purchase a new keyboard just because the currant manufacture has halted itís production seems to me the product of a warped and illogical mind. Even suggesting that as a reason boggles my mind. I know of some that would do that as a form of spite or venting anger for an action taken by a company but one thing I am sure of is that Bill is not that kind of a person.

Searching and never finding is sort of a curse many folks are plagued with and never finding an answer to it. That is at the root of discontentment, the reason for super credit card debt, most divorces and many such things. I could go on and on but Tony when you say the main reason is because there is no FUTURE for technics keyboards you show your ......, well I will not say it.

When the Ford model A was discontinued I suppose you would say there is no future in it? Get rid of it? Junk? That is one of the most sought after items even to this day. You see them in parades, in shows, in displays, in fine collections and remain of great value to this day. This was a product way ahead of itís time and set a standard for all to follow conceived by a man of great vision.

With that said I shall rest my case and let the prognosticators of others intent practice their art and display it to the scrutiny of others.

Grandpa Doug again saying what he means and means what he says. At least Ruthie likes it and that principal has melted us together for many years.
Grampa Doug