I bought my first Technics in a combination TV and Music store that featured Kurtzwile hardware. It was the first one to get to the central coast, was a digital piano Pr90 and was listed at 5000.00 and offered to me at 2500.00 to take back to San Jose. I was hooked and never looked back until they sold me my last Technics Keyboard KN2600. I still have 4 of them, sold 2 but have now ported over to Tyros 2, largely due to
Scott Yee.
I bought the PSR9000 but could never get into it while still playing the KN7000, so I gave it up. Anybody want to buy it?
When I got the Tyros 2, I shut down all the technics and was then able to get into the yam operating system and make it go
That's my story.
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