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I think the confusion is coming from how loud you want to be. Multiple 18" subs and 15" tops is really overkill for an indoor event. I saw a Mexican band come into a restaurant here with some home made speakers the size of a compact car. It was so loud it was painful. I wasn't around past their sound check but I'll bet they had to turn it down. And forget bout moving all that.
To take one step up from what I first suggested then go with the Behringer 1500 subs $400 ea. and add another ev ZLX12 $400. Use you Bose for a monitor. IMHO that should be plenty loud enough, you'll still be able to move it all, and you'll have cash leftover.
Good Luck

Bill, you got a taste of what the Latino crowd has come to expect. It's crazy and getting out of control!!! I love my Bose Compacts but at least without a sub they don't have the low end nor volume that is being demanded.
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