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I've been using two Bose Compacts for years, and still like them, but I gotten several events coming up that I don't think they will handle well. We got booked for few quinceanera (15th birthday party) and some wedding (young couples) Some of the events we'll be alternating with DJ, while others I"ll be playing recorded music during the breaks and special presentations (mostly very heavy bass material like hip hop)
I don't think my Bose Compacts will produce the sound that the young people are accustomed to.....

So, I'm thinking of using the Bose Compacts as monitors, and setting up behind pair of 12" powered speakers and and pair of 15" or 18" subs.

I already own a single Electro-Voice ZLX-12P 12", which sounds pretty good, so I thought I just get another one to complete the set.

Now, as for the subs, I'm not sure.... I've never used subs before. Not sure at all what to get or what size even. I know I'd like something under 70LBS. My budget is $2000.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Another thought:
Since you have 2 Bose Compact look at this:

Maui 28G2. You can get them for around $2000
They are compact but very powerful.
Donny used to have the Maui 28 G1.
The G2 are more compact, lighter and more powerful with improved sound.
They are as good or better than the Bose.
I liked the sound better side by side when compared to the L1 Mode2.
Frank sells them too. wink

P.S. Right know I don't need them, but I am planing on getting them (2) down the line wink

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