The S670 is a fantastic arranger keyboard, and it will fit the needs of nearly every arranger keyboard player I know other than Fran. If you were to spray paint the work Roland on it, Fran would have bought one when they first came out and been raving about the break button, which does a lot more than add a bit of silence. And, you can fill to break, which is a neat feature with Yamaha boards - all of them. Same with the style fill, you can fill to self, a feature I have used many times in the past with some 60s 70s rock and roll songs.

Those of you that took the time to listen to some of the songs my Argentinean friend Walter created on his S670 know exactly what I'm talking about. Walter has produced some incredible music with his S670, most of which is movie studio quality.

Enjoy that keyboard, Donny,

Gary cool
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