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Eric, what else does the Yamaha break give you that you can't duplicate with the method I mentioned?

You can also select one or more of the 6 fills and write a break, maybe a turn around or bass lead into another chord change. Unlimited possibilities and making it your own,

It does all kinds of things depending on the style.
Especially Song specific styles.
From short phrases to to drum fills to ...
Yes it can all be programmed. But wait I don't have to, because I have a break button smile

Just a side note... Don's EA7 has 6 pads and 7 assignable buttons that can be used for many break purposes .. that is 13 options for breaks smile and of course that single "break " button, the useless silence frown

None of my comments are "mine is better then yours". They are suggestions to resolve a break issue on Roland boards and make some folks think about style edits that they never thought of before.. smile

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