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Nothing touches Roland's "Make up" tools smile

No reason at any price that you should not be able to apply individual eq to parts of a style. shocked

I think I would re think the bang for the buck, there are many other options. Still this is all you need for a "bedroom" player grin

at least there is a "BREAK" Button....just sayin' wink

Absolutely no need for a break button. The Break on newer Roland's are silence (useless). The best way to solve the break issue on Roland keyboards that have D' beam.. Set the D-beam control to mute all but drums, now you can have a break and use fills to any length you want. D-beam will bring it to full backing again.. This break gives you 4 variations and 6 fills on a BK9/G70.. The only better break is Ketron (SD7) with audio drums added. "Just sayin" smile