Intro one on the EA7 can often be used for breaks. You have to time it. The intros have been redone on it, I suppose for this feature.
Still I prefer the way all the other brands handle breaks.
One the PA4X, I assign Break/fill to pedal 6 on the foot controller, then intro 3, the short one, to pedal 5. It's often they can be used in sequence for some great breaks.
On the EA7, I assign intro one to the assignable foot switch. Without using the pedals it can sometimes be confusing to remember that the intensities of the intros are reversed between the two models.
On many of the Korg songstyles, and on some internal styles, the intros one and two offer custom riffs to fit songs.
And, a lot of times, after converting midi files to styles on the Korg, the intros are very useful for that same reason.
Woops this has nothing to do with e.q. on style parts. Sorry DNJ, but I took all that time to write this so will leave it. smile