Yamaha Tyros2, Petosa AM1100 midi accordion, Diamond Italia midi accordion, Ketron SD4 module, Wersi Pegasus 2+ module, Maui 11's, Soundcraft EFX 8 mixer, Sennheiser945.

T2 still sounds great to me overall, but heavy and o/s a bit cumbersome. Improvements made now, and loading up custom sounds and registrations and transferring to a 975 would save tons of time. Yet I prefer Ketron, Korg, and Wersi strings and Ketron saxes. Have had every Solton and Ketron module thru sd series except for latest sd40/90. Owned Korg pa500 musikant and pa600 previously. Liked o/s but thin sounds.

So a 975 would lighten my load and familiarity with Yamaha along with file transfer would allow me to get going right away.

Or Korg pa1000 w ketron module for improved sounds.

Or sd7 for all in one answer..


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