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Hi. I am looking for some kind users advice on what would be the best arranger keyboard for my needs
I play in a small two-piece group now keyboards and guitar and use just the keyboard styles with a bit of tweaking
I have been using Ketron (SD1 and at present Audya) for a long time and I am thinking of changing my keyboard.
What would most people recommend. Korg PA4X, Yamaha Genos Ketron SD9. or anything else.?
I live in a fairly remote country area where there are no music shops with any selection of decent keyboards to compare side by side.
We play a variety of country,pop,60s and some irish/scottish traditional music.
I would appreciate any suggestions on users opinions on this.
thank you.

To add to the confusion..

Casio is coming out(and has come out with)portable arrangers in 88 key(simulated) hammered action...that is if you prefer hammered action and 88 keys.

The Casio Privia S3000 is interesting to me...simulated hammered action.


Just like Yamaha, Casio is weak on both styles and voices in their 88 key, hammered action arrangers. This doesn't surprise me as folks(near as I can tell) interested in 88 key hammered action don't seem to be too interested in arrangers.

This new 88 key arranger, PX S3000 is supposed to have better voices and styles.

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