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Its a matter of taste , isnt it ?
Impuls :-)

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Yes, it is that. Both boards are excellent, with differences in the navigation and the like. People work in different manners and in different venues. Who's to say objectively; it comes down to an opinion that we hold on to.

The two best answers on this thread ... OF COURSE it's a matter of taste ... I've said many times "the beauty of a keyboard is in the EAR of the beholder ... that is why some people buy a Yamaha, some buy KORG, some buy Roland, Casio, whatever ...

Who is to DEFINITIVELY say that MacDonald's is better (OR WORSE) than Burger King or vice versa? ...it's a matter of taste and choice ... even a side by side A/B test proves nothing as everyone hears something different ... and audiences often react to the difference in a performance, not necessarily whether the sound is better or worse ... and it's STILL a matter of individual OPINION, not FACT ...
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