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and i am not saying that objective i am right . a friend in this forum ask opinions ,and i wrote mine . as a matter of fact all the other musicians that criticized me made also their opinion by criticize me.

People say it's your opinion only when it contradicts theirs; that is, when they don't like yours.

Instead of spending time having to justify our opinions, we should simply, and freely, state them, for the benefit of others. I, for one, learn a lot from others' opinions. Even if they're different from mine. smile

One way to alleviate all that BS criticism is to simply post a song or demo with the instrument in question,
.....the music is always the defining factor....
just saying the loosely thrown out word "BEST" isn't good enough, why is the so called "BEST" ?
personally I have to HEAR it headphone opinions have to be proven somehow so it leaves no doubt. Would you buy a arranger kb not ever hearing or seeing a demo on you tube etc?...
.....just post the song or demo and let the chips fall where they must,.....talk is cheap.

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