Hello Howard,

The update for the KN 2600 works in principle just like the KN 7000.
Difference: With the KN 7000 with floppy disk - with the KN 2600 with the SD card!

Gunnar Jonny has described the procedure.

But I think that there is a mistake in your thinking!

The update is a zip-file, which you download to the hard disk of your PC - but do not unpack (unzip)! This file is self-extracting!

Insert an SD Card into the Card Writer of the PC and unpack it on the SD Card!

Now proceed as described by Gunnar Jonny.
Switch off KN 2600. Insert SD Card.
Hold keys 1-4 of the Panel Menory and switch on KN 2600.
You will be guided through the program on the display.

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