Ok I understand. It seems you are doing everything correctly. I've put the instructions below, translated to English. However, I believe there is a step missing in the instructions.

Before you start, you must format the SD Card in your KN2600 ****AND**** you must SAVE something to the card. As you know, this creates the PRIVATE directory and other Technics files on the card. From what I understand, the keyboard won't recognise a formatted card with only the "KN24PRG.DAT". It also needs the normal Technics file structure to be present.

Another way is to put the "KN24PRG.DAT" on one of your existing cards which already has Technics files on it, so the structure is already there.

Good luck, I can't help you if it goes wrong because I have no idea!

Best wishes,

Instructions translated to English by Google Translate:

Installation instructions for the KN2600 update
1. Show current version:
- Turn off the keyboard.
- In the SOUND GROUP section, press the first three buttons in the top row
[PIANO] - [STRINGS & VOCAL] - [GUITAR & HARPSI] and hold them during the
Power on.
- After switching on, you will see the bottom right of the display
Version number.
- Should the version number be the same or even higher than the one offered here,
an update is not necessary.
2. Create the update on SD card
- Only use SD cards between 8 and 64 MB for the update
Storage capacity. The SD card must have been formatted on the keyboard (not
on the PC!).
- Now insert the SD card into your SD card recorder and make sure
that it is connected to the computer.
- Now copy the file "KN24PRG.DAT" to the SD card.
3. The update on the KN2600:
- Insert the SD card into the SD slot of your KN2600.
- Press and hold the first 4 Panel Memory buttons
turn on the keyboard.
- Select UPDATE repeatedly until the process starts.
- At the message "Completed !! Turn on AGAIN" switch off your KN2600 and
after about 2-3 seconds again.
CA-Software assumes no responsibility for errors that occur or
Damage caused by the update! As a precaution, do it in point 3
described procedure instead of "UPDATE" first a "CHECK".
Help to preserve information about Technics Keyboards.
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