Hi Mike Thanks for your reply
For many years I had some kn7000.Last year the kn7000 crash
I have an audya5 and last week I bought the kn2600 because I was lonesome for a KNTechnics.Now I am happy to have one. I had done the test check and it was fine But the version is 1.0.So I had
download the new version 1.1 to fix problem with (techichord)
I download the fireware 1.1 and the Initial.disk I had format a sdcard 2gig from the kn2600 and after I copy the fireware 1.1 to the sdcard and whent to my keyboard.insert the sdcard in the slot after I press panel memory 1234 hold and open the power
Resulting =Blank screen blue.
I have the kn SDExplorer
I have kept my backups from the kn7000 to kn2600 sdcard.Just copy PRIVATE to the sdcard no problem
But its when I whant to unzip some styles I have the big problem
I know that you work very hard for us and I appreciated
I will follow your advise,but I need help to unzip files or styles files to download in the sdcard so it will work on my
Thanks again Mike
ketron sd9,Technics KN7000,monitors Adam tv8, Yamaha Mixer