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Pro 12 android tab...........I'm not understanding. I purchased a Dell 15" laptop fully loaded.....to help with the music.....sheet music.......mp3's.....software programs, etc.

Mostly to read my music. But I have to place it vertical if I want to read my sheet music. And it's heavy....about 5 lbs.

So what actually is a tablet? The OP is Android....different from Windows. That I know. But...does it connect to the Internet or it just pulls up what you put on it (it has an internal hard drive?)?

what's the advantages of having a tablet over a laptop? Can I read my music PDF's much easier?

Yes.......that's how I'd like to read my music....like Jerry posted here


Now...how do you navigate.....with a mouse and keyboard......or touch screen? And the particular software is why that music looks so good onscreen?

mark ... As Steve mentioned I am also using the Pro12 tablet and it is working out very well ... Your PDFs have to be loaded into the tablet - I scan onto Google drive, so all my charts are stored there as well, then D/L to the tablet ...
I assign a number to the song on my KORG Pa900 Songbook, then through the Mobile Sheets software assign that number to the PDF ... Once that is done I can call up a song through the Songbook and the PDF comes up on the screen, OR I can select a song on the tablet and the correct KB settings come up on the PA900 ...
It takes some time at first, but is well worth the effort ...
Here is what my setup looks like:

PRO12 pic 1.jpg (15 downloads)

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