I am looking at doing a Piano gig form time to time and I have been doing the one man band gig for some time so what I am needing help with is

I need a music reader and content charts with chords and lyrics

I would invest in a unit I have a old I pad 2 but screen is broken a bit and a I pad mini prob too small

so sugestion on this

also if anybody has charts with lyrics old and new stuff i WOULD LOVE TO get some of these

now getting it into to a format is a challange for me so any help with this would be greatly appricated

would love to have a electronic data base i really do not want to carry music books around the I pad would serv as a referance for me in the performance

I know there are prob many of you doing this and if someone could help me that would be great

on a side note I got to get as much work as I can my wife is very sick with MS and also has a cyst in her back that might require sergery and 3 kids at home it a bit tuff for all of us so I am putting my self out there for any music work I can find the expence of all of this is going to be big so i going to do what I know best is get out there as much as I can

still doing my other act but want to get pre paied if call come for Piano bar type of gig

thank you

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