Fran, I agree, I know hundreds of entertainers and not a single one of them can remember the chord changes and lyrics to more than a couple dozen songs at best. Like me, they rely on their netbook PCs and laptops to perform their songs, and most have about 300 songs at most in their PCs to draw from for requests. I put all of mine in MS Word and stored them in a folder, which automatically alphabetizes them so it's just a matter of typing the first letter of the song title to get to that category, then using my hidden, wireless mouse, scrolling down to the song title, double click it, and it's instantly on the screen. Some time ago, I posted my entire lyrics folder on the site so others could download it. To date, I has been downloaded 587 times from this site.

Now, if I wanted to get really fancy, I could have went with a foot pedal connected to the USB of the PC and used to to scroll, but I never needed to go that far. I think the program was free with the pedal which sold for about $29 online.

AS for the photographic mind, Carol told me the mind was the second thing to go - I can't remember what the first was. wink

All the best,

Gary cool

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