I have been using the Ipad Pro - the large one for about 4 or 5 years. Bought it the week it came out. I use it to display leadsheets. I now have over 4000 leadsheets on it. There are many websites that offer lyrics for download - some free. Some contain chords.

On my Ipad pro I use two apps for leadsheet display.
One is GoodReader. One is UnrealBook. I like both for different reasons.
Each gets regular free updates. I have used these for probably 8 years now. Others are out there but I have no experience with them. Also, each cost me only $4.00.

For my Ipad Pro I use the GigEasy Universal Mount and highly recommend it. Just google GigEasy.

Feel free to email or PM if you have other questions about my post. Also, the Ipad Pro is not cheap but is money well spent in my opinion. Also, it is a tax deduction for you music business.