A great thread. Thanks for the link. How do you compare your Sounddock 10 with the KMC-3? I've been shopping for either the Exos 9 or the KMC-3. Now that you mentioned the KMC-3, I would have to bid against other members on eBay! LOL I like the small footprint of the KMC-3, but 8 D batteries would be a deal breaker and kind of defeat the purpose of its own portability.
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One of my favorite reviewers is Oluv, a private enthusiast from Vienna who compares a lot of speakers.
Here he compares the AIWA against the much smaller Klipsch KMC-3, which I own and have already recommended here.
It is a bit weaker than the AIWA, but in reference to its size it is amazingly similar.

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