Full audio styles, like on the audya, and not the audio drums from Yamaha and Wersi, are a rruely remarkable step in style design. Yet its been six years since Ketron introduced them and its quite obvious that none of the others where able to recreate their own version of it. ( okay liosntracs tried, but they failed misserably at it, just as they failed on many other of their goals).

I dont think any of the other main contenders even considers copying the feature, as it will be a resource hog while most people are just happy with their midi styles. And with the audya being 6 years old, this gives ketron the chance to introduce a new arranger that sets the goal even higher. Lets hope they can do this later this year or early next year, as i am really curious as to what they can deliver next.

So whats your opinion, are true audio styles still the future, or will other more advanced mechanics make audio styles become obsolete? Because in the end audio will allways be less flexible then midi....
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