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The Yamaha audio drum based styles are fine sounding, but it ends there, in my opinion. Editing is very limited, and even more are storage and sharing.

I suspect we will see them discontinued on later arrangers.

That's why I like my Tyros4 so much...no wasted space, and all styles are editable, storable and sharable.

Ketron's audio styles sound very good as long as you keep the chords simple, which is a big limitation for the more advanced player or the growing beginner.


I specifically adressed the audio drums in Yamhaha latest styles not as audio styles... because they are just drum parts and not the other parts.. in my vision they are not audio styles at all, and only there to sattisfy the customers that wanted audio styles.. I dont think Yamaha ever intended to expand this feature to what Ketron is offering...

If you want Ketron audio files to work wiht the more advanced chords, you need to record tracks for each of these addvanced chords. Which means a helufalot more work..

Personally i agree with Bill, the future of realistic drums is in Virtuall drums with round robbin, and sure you can let a real drummer play those midi sequences for a better live feel, as long as you dont quantize your recordings, but it should not be neccesary as the round robbing takes care of the realisme and live feel

Same goes for style tracks, how many of the Yamaha styles use SA2 or ensemble voices? If modern VSTs have proven one thing, then it is that audio sequences are becomming a thing of the past. Midi is much more flexible and sounds just as good with the top of the line VSTs as audio

I the end its obvious to me what direction Yamaha is going, those audio drums might belong to the past soon, they sound good, but not good enough..

In the end, thats why i like my T5, Yamaha is taking the Tyros line in the same direction as the current Kontakt libraries.. and it really sounds great.

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