Yamaha audio styles are just OK. Little bit better drums than the other styles.Basically just a waste of ram. In T5 they really didn't think this through. You could expand only with one audio drums expansions which it makes 8-9 styles more. Big deal in 2015. I would rather see they implement something like Superior Drummer, or BFD2...etc.. That way we could bring up to date any style we have, and for Yamaha there are a lot..
Would it be a really hard or a big deal to implement good drum mixer where in each style we could quickly mix all drum elements separately if needed.
Also there is no point if we can't load our own loops and make our own styles with them, or mix them with other styles.
Talk about why arrangers are not taken seriously. Lack of tools in them. Sure my T5 sounds really good as is, but it lacks so many simple tools that is not a professional instrument.It's a really good home player's instrument whether we like it or not.