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however, I can't see either Yamaha or Korg (or Roland) going that route.


No one know what direction they are going in the future arranger wise......could be forward or it certainly could be backwards also at this point...we'll see,.. confused1

Nobody knows, but Yamaha does tend to listen to the insiders of the european arranger market, the main dealers are regularly asked for their input..

I loved the audio styles of my Audya 4, but not a single seccond did i miss them on my Tyros 5. And i think thats where most of these dealers will agree with me.

On top of that, Yamaha research will be not devote researches to arranger keyboards alone, if they can also research things that will bennefit all their instruments... Its also one reason why the arranger part of the Tyros kept fairly basic since T1 while the sounds and voices kept expanding.. And to be fair, the only thing really missing in the arranger part compared to the competition is a chord sequencer. All my other wishes would be innovations beyound whats currently possible, and audio styles is not one of those wishes.

however i dont expect a huge update to the style engine in the upcomming tyros model. But i do expect upgrades on the weakest sounds of the T5. 1) Piano, maybe the piano room features of the CVP and much more detailed samples and physical string resonance engine. 2) synth world, some virtuall versions of the great synthesizers of the past. 3) orchestral mode... Which would be and advancement of the ensemble feature, but allow for more then 4 instruments, much like The LASS expansion of Kontakt..

In the end this will only be possible if they finally make that needed upgrade to their processing power and Memmory structure...

I think people at Yamaha are quite happy with where their current styles are.
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