You have forgotten a few things though Diki

80% of computers in the world use Windows, whether at work or at play and people donít like changing what they know?

People want free (Or to pay next to nothing) software of which there are 1000s for Windows, but very little for Mac.

Everybody has got plenty of mates that have Windows machines thus if theyíre not sure how to do something in a program itís just a quick call to find out, however with a Mac you are pretty much stuck with slow forums.

With the 1000s of different programs that people use (Many written in back rooms) itís hardly surprising you get the occasional hiccup. (If the Mac was in the same position it would be no different)

Macs have been crafted to be a niche market (Not mass market) and this is why they can charge a fortune for very little, people just love paying for a designer label. (Try finding a Windows designer label)

English Riviera:
Live entertainment, Real Ale, Great Scenery, Great Beaches, why would anyone want to live anywhere else (IÔŅĹm definitely staying put).