Sorry, but I know of some that have paid that high (not everybody shops online at Frank's!), and we are quibbling over $500? Certainly, $3500 is nothing to sneeze at either!

The point being, despite the T4 being considerably more expensive than say a PA3X, you don't hear any T4 users seeming to mind to the point that they would change.

But slap an extra $500 on a computer (and there are Mac products like the iMac's and Mini's that can get down pretty close to PC prices as long as you don't buy bargain basement shoddy ones) and all of a sudden, it's 'milking the public' and you all keep using a system that gives you constant grief.

Me, I don't get it. How much is peace of mind and the ability to forget you are using a computer, and simply concentrate on what you want to do with it worth to you? Apparently, not very much!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!