Hi Tony,
happy to read you've now got it working.

Something drastically went wrong with my laptop the other day.
Fortunately I had a very recent full backup, so reloaded win7 & the backup, now working again.
Not that I knew what I was doing, so probably overkill , but I had nothing to lose. I keep all my files on SD cards ( not in the laptop) & all my programs on external hard drives.
So just a case of loading a few programs back in should the worst happen again.
A couple of years ago , I dropped my laptop, broke the hard drive, & to my horror the 6 month old back up drive that my laptop was backed up on , was faulty. Weeks of work finding & sorting all my programs & files from dozens of DVD roms.

I'd tried 2 or 3 earlier system restore points, ( latest to earliest) none worked for me either.

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Meanwhile, back to the topic ...
Without getting into a PC vs. Mac discussion - I can't comment on Mac 'cause I've never owned one - but I tried the link posted by cass ... I followed all the steps and after I got a message saying that the change to the registry didn't go through (for whatever reason it gave me) I went back to My Documents, clicked on the 'New Folder' in the top pane and VOILA!!! - there was a NEW FOLDER !!! repeated the action and there was a second NEW FOLDER ... did a right click, went to NEW and there at the top of the list was FOLDER ...
Don't know what I did or didn't do, but as long as it is working and nothing else is screwed up, I am fine with it ... now back to music stuff ... rocker
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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