A Mac is still less than most of our arrangers cost. And often, as vital to our job. Take a look at TCO (total cost of operation) and Macs come out quite competitive when you subtract everything you are currently spending, from virus and malware protection, to trips to the Geek Squad, to basic apps that come free with a Mac, to your own time (pretty valuable) spent pulling your hair out trying to get your PC to run at full speed.

And Jørgen... This was a Java vulnerability, not core OSX. From over a year ago (that's how far back you have to look), was promptly patched, and we haven't had one since (I never got it). And please... 600,000 Macs? How many MILLIONS of PC systems are currently infected with one sort of malware or another..? Currently...

All I'm saying is, all I ever hear from my PC friends is problem after problem. When was the last time you read anyone here with a Mac asking for help?
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!