Nigel had suggested that I should buy an arranger keyboard. Said it would be better for me, then say a synthesizer or a workstation? What are the benefits, and could someone point me to a topic on this, as I did a search and came up with nothing? I know I am not much of a musician, but I have messed a around with a few keyboards. Triton Le, Roland XP-80 Yamaha SY-99. I even had a salesman at Guitar Center try and sell me a Yamaha Motif. Although, most salesmen, stirred me towards Yamaha mostly. Such as the SY-22 and 35 and a Motif. Also, the Alesis QS-6.

I have had several Casio keyboards but never really played them.

Keyboards I have owned besides several 80's and one 90's home keyboard.

Yamaha DX7II-FD Bought off of my music teacher.
Ensoniq Mirage traded the DX7II-FD
ARP Omni - Frist Vintage synth , now just a show piece.
Three Korg Poly-61's
KAWAI K5000s bought in trade with a Poly-61 and Mirage, latter sold KAWAI to Music Go Round
Roland JX-305 groove synth - sold on Ebay
AKAI AX-60 Bought and sold on ebay
ARP AXXE second vintage synth bought and latter sold on ebay
Roland Juno-106 - sold on ebay
Roland Juno-D bought and resold back to same music store

Korg KS61 still in box hardly used

So I know it's not the keyboards, it is me.

Some keyboards and synths that I would have loved to own or are fascinated by

Moog Minimoog - Classic and Voyager

Korg MS-2000 just cool

Alesis Ion

Ensoniq EPS16 plus Sampler's are pretty cool

JP-8000 Roland

You can tell I like knobs

I like the Triton Le some cool sounds

The Casio XWP-1 Inexpensive

new Korg MS-20


Korg interactive workstations like the IS-6

Sorry I got carried away.

Anyway I love synths, even though I am not much of a player.