Hi AJ,

Then please also accept these suggestions from me for future upgrades:

1. Please include more choir voices in the styles as per the Tyros4. I notice that you've already begun this process - just increase it's application if you don't mind.

2. Would it be possible to set these choir voices to not play higher than what sounds for real - i.o.w. can you auto switch the octave lower when they are exceeding their real live limitations?

Unlike others, I'm elated by these choir voices & I can no longer do without them.

But what I find the hardest thus far, is playing the chords in such a way (due do laziness I must admit) that the choir voices sound for real. You'll hear in my demos that I play them much too high in certain places. Yes, I can take care of that by changing my playing technique, but maybe you can program these voices to do so by themselves. (maybe just lower the octave in the higher note samples...) I guess I can experiment with this myself & maybe I will.

3. Some of the style ending drum loops end rather abrupt. Maybe you could rather fade these towards the end - just a suggestion though - sure I can do so myself.

4. Some of your styles do not allow changes to be recorded into the registry file. I have to save these changes to the style itself. I suspect it might have to do with your copy protection to the style. Very awkward when I spend a lot of time making those changes just to realize later on they were not captured in my new registry file - I then have to redo everything and save to style first.

Keep well my friend & tx once again for your STUNNING upgrade,

Make sure you'll fly forever!