It is thanks to Nitelife and a few others both on and off this forum who were able to sample version 1 and provide us with adiquate suggestions which you can see we took to heart and included in version 2's revisions and updates. Working with players of all levels and dealers like Frank is what has given us some of the 'innovative' ideas you're now experiencing.

It's about listening to our customers ... Musicians like you.

PS:- we're working on that voice and style's list. For most of the styles, it's intentional as these may have layered voices in other chords (as explained in a previous thread) and we are limited as to how many audio tracks can be used per style! Did you also change/switch your 64.rkb file? If not, all required voices should automatically load when powered on.

Nigel ... You'd definitely enjoy the the Riff and drum solo of this style (where Audya "takes off") plus add ons when say a minor or 7th chord is played in Arranger B and C ... and most of the new Latin styles.

Thanks .
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